Alumni Employment Tracking & Corporate Matching Gifts

Industry-leading employment tracking and matching gift database designed with your alumni in mind. AlumniFOX is the easiest way to track all your alumni employment records and boost your matching gift revenue.

primary features

A complete solution

AlumniFOX tracks, appends, matches and refreshes your alumni

JobTracker PRO

We'll place a digital fence around your entire alumni base  and understand when and where your alumni are changing jobs.

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Corporate Matching Gifts

We’ll automatically identify alumni that qualify for matching gifts. Access over 20,000 matching gift programs.

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Data Enrichment & Insights

Enrich all alumni records and keep your data fresh and clean.

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What YOu Get

Employment & Contact Data

Job Title
Job Duration
Business Email Address
LinkedIn Profile
Email Validity
And more!

Corporate Matching Gifts

Company Name
Min Match
Max Match
Match Ratio
Volunteer Min
Volunteer Max
Department Contact Info
Phone Number
Email Address
And more!
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Simple & Powerful

Never worry about stale data or manually updating your database again.

Let AlumniFOX do it all for you. We help you identify your wealthiest Alumni and the best ways to engage with them. You can focus on building relationships, rather than data entry.

ALUMNI Data services
Reach your alumni, always.

AlumniFOX maintains your data vs appending every other year saving you a tremendous amount of time and money.
Our Mission

Find B2B contact information on your alumni.

AlumniFOX automatically scans the updated records on your alumni and provides the most up-to-date contact information, in full compliance with the required data regulations.

Finding your alumni's contact information has never been easier.

Trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide

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We’ll Put A Digital Fence Around Your Alumni
Our value is our ability to identify the most accurate employment data and deliver it to you. Let us know which Alumni Segment matters most and we’ll show you what we can do!
Test Our Job Tracking Software
We can help you identify the recent job changes that have occurred within your Alumni Base; allowing you to compare how our data stacks up to your current resources and process.
Real-time Enrichment
We want to show you that our data is not only great, its actionable! Put our business email enrichment to the test and engage top CXO alumni’s directly in the inbox they check multiple times a day.
We understand you have a whole team who will be using our product in various ways. So we use this trial as a way to help you understand the best way to integrate our data into your current system.
Get your feet wet with our client facing dashboard, allowing you and your team to visualize your data in a whole new manner. Give life to your data by seeing where alumni are located, which companies they work at, there seniority level and more...
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We believe our product speaks for itself, so we make it as easy as setting up 1 call to learn about your priorities and from there give you access to your personal dashboard with live data… at no cost!

Hundreds of Happy Customers All Around the World

“AlumniFOX has been a pleasure to work with, they are always available to assist with our strategy and make sure to understand the outcomes we are hoping to achieve in order to support us to the best of their ability.”
Director of Development
big east
“After years of working with the same data in our system, getting a fresh append of information from AlumniFOX gave us the ability to engage with hundreds of Alumni which we weren’t aware of. We will definitely keep using AlumniFOX”
Director of Prospect Research
Big West
“Working with AlumniFOX allowed our Fundraising Department to make significant progress towards our yearly targets. The freshness of their data really makes all the difference.”
Director of Advancement
pac 12

Can I trial AlumniFOX before paying?

Yes! We only work with institutions that receive unparalleled value using AlumniFOX. This is why we always start with a Free Trial before jumping into any long-term commitment of any of our services. Click the "Try For Free" button to get started!

How does AlumniFOX work?

The internet has meta-data. AlumniFOX uses all meta-data that is available on the web. Using powerful search engines like Google and Bing to setup custom queries and alerts. We do this by looking at a records First Name, Last Name, Past Company, School, Year Graduated - and match to your record's ID with the data we collect.

What is "meta-data" and why is it so important?

Meta-data lives and works behind the scenes in the HTML of web pages. The metadata we use speaks to search engines directly from each search query, to communicate important information or request specific action.

What data is included?

Data points included are First Name, Last Name, Current Job Title, Current Company, Location, Seniority, Job Duration, Domain, Business Email Addresses, Email Score, Social Profiles, and more!

How do I get started?

Getting started is as easy as clicking the "Try For Free" button above. An alumni data specialist will contact you with next steps.

Does AlumniFOX have a partnership program?

Yes! We believe in partnering with other data providers, consultants, and agencies on any problem that needs to be solved.
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